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Baby Rico

A slightly more balanced day today. Went to the gym and walked the track for an hour. Came home, showered, slathered Ninon (omg, awesome) (Smoky honey musk, tobacco leaf, lavender, golden amber, Damask rose, hay, orris root, white sandalwood, and bourbon vanilla), and hung out in the plug.dj music room for the Carolyn Hax chat. It's where I like to spend my Friday afternoons. There's four of us that are there just about every week. One of the lovely ladies is looking over my resume, so hopefully will have the application process done soon. Susy has reminded me that passports are a pain to procur (ha, alliteration), so I need to work on that as well. Better to have it, even if I don't get in.

Put together my Christmas list. Amazon wishlist, ThinkGeek wishlist, BPAL wishlist, and some random items. Have already started shopping for Jason and my dad.

Did wine roasted turkey tonight, only to find my oven still isn't heating right. Haven't had an issue with baked goods, but poultry is a different story.

Actually saw an episode of Ancient Aliens tonight. Pandora and Jason were compfrtable, and Ididn't want to disturb them. It was like a train wreck, I couldn't look away.

Birding with Susy tomorrow. Also need to vacuum, locate my birth certificate, and contemplate what to make for dinner. Then back to work. Sigh.


Baby Rico

March 2017

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