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Baby Rico

This journal is friends' locked.  I am usually quite happy to add people.  Please leave me a note in the comment field if you would like to be added. :)
Banner made by sphinxofthenile from artwork by ani_mama .


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Haha, excellent banner!
Sphinx is all chuffed. :D
Can you add me?
You were already good. :)
Would you mind if I added you? Your bird knowledge intrigued me :) haha
That's fine. :) Just be aware that most of my posts aren't natural history related, although some are. :)
Awww, thanks. :) Added you, and put you on the FFVII filter.
As I am about to snag half your icons, I thought I sould at least friend you ;)
:D I'm sure it's in the internet etiquette guide. :D Will certainly friend you back, and I'm pretty sure all my icons are marked as takable, except for the couple that aren't, and they should say.
add me, please? *gives you the puppy eyes you cannot resist* just the fact that there is more FF7 stories and smut is enough for me... yeah, I like to read ^^
Added you, just be aware that I really don't write all that much. :)
Can you add me?
Added. :)


will you please add me to your friends account??

Re: friends

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself? :) Your profile and journal are a little bare. I'm assuming you stumbled across me through a FFVII connection?
Possible to friend? I keep running into you over at sphinxofthenile's journal.
I am sorry, but I'm going to have to say no at this moment in time. I'm going through a lot personally right now and recently did a friends cut. I promise it's nothing personal, I'm just pulling back at the moment.
I am sorry, but I'm going to have to say no at this moment in time. I'm going through a lot personally right now and recently did a friends cut.
I'm starting to get back into enjoying fics again and I have a feeling that I'll find some goodies from you :D
Would you mind adding me?
Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) I'm actually going through a lot personally right now, and have been drawing back from adding people on LJ, sorry. I write infrequently, but what I do is posted at the comms, almost always at crisis_hardcore

Hiiiiii! It's Strange and Intoxicating from FFn. :D
Hi! Friended. :)


It's you!!! You are a legend!! So many people have talked about you on LJ and FF.net but every-time I tried to look you up it said that this journal had been purged or something or other!! I really would be honored if you would let me read of your postings??

Re: Stories

:) I think you might have me confused with someone else. I haven't been over to FF.net in many months and have never posted fic there. Nor has this journal ever been purged. My (very infrequent) fic is almost always posted over at crisis_hardcore.
I found you on the blogroll of November's NaBloPoMo and popped right over to subscribe. Now that I've looked at you comments here, I see you aren't accepting many friend requests. I should have looked before I leaped. I was just so pleased to see a BPAL loving blog show up :)
Hi there! :) I was a bit overwhelmed by the length of the blogroll and haven't gone all the way through it yet.
Yeeeaaah, I keep thinking I should rewrite the "friends only" banner. But most of the rejections came right after my mom passed, so I'm pretty open at the moment. :) Added you back!

Re: found you via the s&s doomsday thread

Oooh, me too! :D You're added, although be aware I don't post that much, except for November.
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