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BPAL review: Champagne and Friends

Okay, so Champagne, Chocolate, and Cheap Sex has been on my wishlist  since it first came out two years ago.  There was a BPALtruism thread over at sinandsalvation  a couple weeks ago, and I've gotten so many rare testers, it's not even funny.  Stuff I never expected to get; I'm happy I was able to send out several packages myself.  So, in addition to CCCS, I also recvd testers of Champagne and Cigars and Champagne and Roses.  On to the reviews!

Champagne, Chocolate, and Cheap Sex: No notes given, what you see is what you get.  Opening the imp and it's I'M CHAMPAGNE, BITCHES!!!  Put just a little dab on my wrist and was immediately assaulted even when I put my arms back down.  I'm constantly delighted and amazed that the Lab is able to do effervescent scents so well.  Like, the bubbles actually tickle your nose.  Champagne continued to yell at me for a half hour or so.  I got a little sweetness, but no chocolate per se.  Towards the end there was some nice musk, but it was more "skin musk" to me rather than "cheap sex".  

Champagne and Cigars: Once again an assault of champagne, although this one was sweeter and not as strident.  Got a little bit of depth, which I'm assuming was the cigars, but other than that, it was close to champagne SN.

Champagne and Roses
: I'm not a floral gal, but the Lab does make some lovely rose scents.  This time I was prepared fully for the champagne and realized that it's very much more of a ginger ale note (other reviewers thought so as well).  Either I was getting used to it, or they were different champagnes, but I liked this one the best.  The rose is present right from the start, but isn't overwhelming.  A nice enough scent, but not one that I need to keep.  

All of these sniffies are available to go to new homes.  Please bear in mind that I'm moving in a couple weeks, so no guarantees on when packages are going out, but let me know if you've been dying to try one.


You've been talking about BPAL since I've started reading your journal {I think the better part of 3 or 4 years...omg}, and I've always been curious about these things.

I wouldn't mind trying the Champagne, Chocolate and Cheap Sex, actually. I like the sound of it.
:D I saw that you placed an order recently. I'll certainly send it out to you...at some point when boxes aren't ruling my life. Do you know what sort of scents you like/think you might be interested in? Fruits, florals, spices, foody scents, etc?
Sweet, thank you. I'll PM you my new address and you can just send it to me when you've got the boxes and everything all sorted :)

Fruits I tend to stay away from because their scents can become absolutely overwhelming after awhile {I can't even go NEAR The Body Shop in the mall, it always smells like an orchard}. Florals, it depends on what flower it is. I'm not such a big fan of just rose by itself, but if it's mixed with something, it's more bearable for me. Spice scents I really like {I just bought a Creamy Nutmeg candle and a Kitchen Spice candle from Bath and Body Works and they are heavenly}, and what type of foody scents do you mean?
Foody scents are usually like baked goods, that sort of thing. BPAL does incredible cake and buttercream and cheesecake notes. I will be getting these out before Christmas, so send me your addy, please. :)
Ohh I didn't know they did those. I find whenever I get scented candles and stuff, I usually get anything that's not vanilla. I do like buttercream a lot. And recently when I was at Bath and Body Works getting more candles, I bought a Mint Chocolate one and one called Hot Buttered Rum.

Cheesecake sounds like it would be am-ay-zing!

Sent my address :)
I'd really love to try Champagne and Cigars, if that's alright?
Yep, I will send it out to you at some point. I actually know where my swaps are, just not my main collection. Or the padded envelopes.....
Awesome. I can wait, take all the time you need.

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