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Baby Rico

I have absolutely no desire to go back to work tomorrow. Sigh. But I've got...three days off later in the month, so there's that. Burning vacation time.

I managed to spill almost all of my imp of Ninon today. *sobs* Most of it was on the box fan, which is currently outside. Slightly less on the dresser and Jason's clock. Maye some on his clean clothes, but it's vanilla based, so that's okay.

Went out birding with Susy today. Nothing much out there, as it's waterfowl season. The main guy who posts for Audubon found common loons and a Thayer's gull, both of which I need (and the next bird is #200), but that would have involved scoping in the 40 degree chilly wind and meh. :P

Made simple rustic beef Wellingtons for dinner, along with ginger cake that was a recipe from the Croft House at the Nashville Zoo. Maybe I'll post recipes, although I haven't been keeping up with that, have I/

I feel like I'm posting in the dark, but as I can't remember the last time *I* commented on a journal, there we go. :)


*waves* Stopped by to say that I am still reading! I don't comment that much either, but try to post often...LJ is kind of like a diary for me and it is nice to read over what I have been doing, for myself, even if not many people are around any more.
Hey there! :)
I do really like the journal aspect of it, and find it very useful when I need dates for events in the past.
I just tend to get nostalgic when I do it for extended periods. :)
:( for the spillage. Yay for the beef Wellington. I got a mini one at a restaurant yesterday. I'd love to give making them a go myself but with the other half not eating cow it's rather pointless.
I do individual Wellingtons using a rib eye that's two servings worth, and frozen pastry dough. So, totally practical for one person. :) I'd love to try the big ones that you slice, at a nice restaurant.
I read, I swear! ...I am just sucking at the commenting.
Like I said, I really have no room to talk when it comes to commenting. Sigh....

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