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Baby Rico

Augh, I am so not in the habit of doing this yet. Had the computer turned off and was shuffling off to bed. Pandora is delighted that she gets a lap again. Not for long....

So, there's about eight cubic feet of Tupperware in my apartment. I can't recall if I posted here before, but they've got a special fundraising catalog, with exclusive items, and your group gets 40% of the price. Um, we sold a lot of Tupperware. All the money will probably go to our recharter fees, rather than to conservation. I worked with the lady running it at Dillards; she's won a bunch of trips, *and* a car. Alas, it does not making the "burp" sound when you close the doors....I can't take credit for that, it was someone else on her FB page. There is a pink Caddy in town.

Sadly, Jovian, the lemur who played Zaboo in Zooboomafoo passed away. :( We would watch that show and Elimidate during lunch hour at Nashville, in the horrible old keeper trailer, on the horrible old keeper couch. I know the director wanted to burn it once the new building was completed; I'm not sure if he actually did or not.

Ccccold temps tomorrow, and for the forseeable future. As usual, I do not approve.


Baby Rico

March 2017

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