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Gackt snow

Huh. I had an icon for "Snow-Flakes", but I must have deleted it to upload other icons. I was clearing out my Insane Journal, and had a bunch stashed over there. Also, this was karadin's icon, and once upon a fandom time, it was confusing.

Omg y'all, I am so tired right now.

First snow fall of the season. Yay. No accumulation. Wind chill is at about 16 right now. It was 60 a couple days ago. I do not approve of this.

How many things make a post again?

Yay, I am remembering to type this earlier. I am awesome.

Five. Five things make a post. According to a couple entries from year before last. Google was of no help on that.

Okay, really, only two of these count so far.

Tupperware is all out of the apartment, and on to its owners, except for a set of two bowls that were supposed to be in lavender and showed up in clear with blue lids. Need to message my contact and see what I do with them, as she's spoken to the recipient already. Do I now own Tupperware? Do I send it back?

I need to email my dad and see when in Dec. he and Sandy are coming out. What passes for my personal life is starting to get hectic with the holiday season.

I'm wearing Now Winter Nights Enlarge (Shorten those tedious nights with a surge of body heat: vanilla-infused red musk, champaca, petitgrain, ylang ylang, patchouli, nutmeg, honey, galbanum, and traces of caramel.)
This is one I really like. Vanilla and red musk, of course. It's probably the most foody I'm comfortable with. Definitely get the caramel, but everything else is too well blended, or I just amp those three notes. I've gotten better about staying away from the foody scents. I'll like how they smell, but I won't want to smell like them. Sigh, I wish I had money for BPAL. Because I have no perfume. And no books. Life is hard.

Shower, bed.



March 2017

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