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Sleep study

Blerg. I am tired, y'all.

So, rush home after a crazy day at work (which started an hour and a half early, and looked to have gone later than even I stayed), shower, bolt food down, use a hair dryer for the first time in...possibly ever, and head back out to the sleep study. It took place at the heart clinic I go to (three main hospitals in town, and a lot of stuff is connected). Pick up the phone, and get escorted in at ten to eight.

Get checked in and taken upstairs. Change into pjs and flip through channels, finally landing on The Simpsons (bless you FX). Get totally wired up. Grease pencil marks and my hair and face, followed by sensors. All over my head and face, to track my eye and jaw movements. A couple on my legs, and sides. All wired together, and belted into place. Oh, and something like an oxygen canula up my nose. :P Got fitted for a CPAP mask in case I was that bad.

Did I ever explain why all this is going on? My dentist appt. back in Feb showed signs of grinding on my teeth, but I don't *think* I grind my teeth during the day. Although, that is a way to become hyper aware and paranoid about how your mouth is while resting. My palate is also...something, don't recall the term You can't see my uvula when I open my mouth. So, before they fitted  me for a mouth guard, they wanted to make sure I didn't have sleep apnea.

I watched Simpsons and read the new Mercedes Lackey book until 9:45, and it was lights out. I usually go to bed between 10 and 11, but earlier was okay since I was up at five. They had the room set up with cameras and mics, so I just had to talk and they could hear me and vice versa. I started out with a sheet and a blanket, and ended up with two more blankets. There is a time and place for fuzzy teddy pjs, and I decided this wasn't it, so went with summer weight pants and a Sheldon/Bazinga shirt. Way too cold. They came in once to reattach a wire. It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

I was woken up at 5:45. Certainly didn't feel like I slept 8 hours, although I did fall asleep fairly quickly. Woke up more often than I would have sleeping at home by myself. Changed, came home, showered the paste/get out of my hair, back in bed at 6:45 and didn't wake up again until 10. I get the results the first week in December (apparently these tests generate 1000 pages of data, so no immediate info).

Spent the day in pjs 'til after noon, just couldn't get motivated, and it's a four day weekend, so why bother. Did get laundry and dishes done, and a one egg cake baked. Played the new Smash Brothers with Jason after dinner. Tired, bed time now.



March 2017

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