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Vincent and the fangirls

42 Challenge: Review #5: The Big Bang Theory S7: E14 "The Convention Conundrum"

So, I enjoy TBBT for the most part. I do wish it didn't have a laugh track. Srsly, give me a show without a laugh track and I'll automatically bump it up before even starting it. I don't think it's necessarily aging all that well; it's becoming...meaner to nerds, and Penny has gone from dumb to bitchy. Seriously, Leonard could do better.

....didn't LJ used to automatically spell check?

However, I still enjoy the characters for the most part. This episode was just fantastic. The guys are frantically trying to get tickets for Comic-Con, and having been in their places for PAX, it definitely rang true. Failing, they turn to a ticket scalper, while Sheldon decides to start his own con. In his quest to find guests, he tracks down James Earl Jones. Who actually likes Sheldon. And takes him out for a night on the town. And he is so much fun and so awesome and I am very jealous and they prank Carrie Fisher. :D I was grinning through the whole episode.

Oh, and the girls head out to a "tea party" at a local restaurant, but are disappointed to find it's all mothers and kids, and so head to the bar to drink and reflect on what it means to be a grown up. I gotta say, I totally would have stayed at the table and eaten pastries if I was already there and dolled up, but that's just me.



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