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BPAL reviews!

I'm trapped at the computer by Ebony. We just got back from the vet; there's an upper respiratory bug going around. Ricci threw it off, and Pandora's on pills. Humbled by the fact she'll still sit with me, actually search me out after earlier today.

So! Got a lot of Weenies and Liliths and Blood Moon decants and am slowly working my way through them.

Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse: Impenetrable, blood-spattered, Martial red musk, fiery pomegranate and black pepper, the splintered woods of uncountable wooden arrow shafts and shields, sharp frankincense and morose myrrh, all smothering the gentler impulses of the moon.

A sweet red musk. You can definitely smell the pom, although I'm not able to identify it as such, just sweet fruit. I never got much of the woods or incense. There was very little throw, surprising for a red musk blend. Definitely a keeper; hopefully the woods and incense will come out more as it ages and give it some depth.

Dead Leaves and Tobacco: This is the same dl note that's in Sonnet d'Automne. It's very sharp at first, and seems almost to be a single note. I had originally set this aside for my husband; while I like the dl note, I can get it in a softer form from SdA, but the tobacco finally came out after about an hour and quieted things down nicely. I'm keeping it for now, but it still might go to him at some point, like...

Dead Leaves, Black Pepper, and Sandalwood: Not the same dl note; it's not nearly as sharp. The whole blend is almost floral. I don't care for sandalwood by itself, but I got the tester pack for the DL scents. Husband seems to like it okay.

Dead Leaves, Bourbon Vanilla, and Myrrh: Oh my yes. Same dl note, but the vanilla and myrrh are present right away. A lovely soft scent with staying power; I was still getting whiffs of it this morning. I may have to consider getting a big bottle of this.


Hope the kitties feel better - I'd rather deal with being sick than having them go through it.
Totally how I felt earlier in the week before Pandora's pills really started kicking in.

March 2017

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