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More pretty smelly things

So, the Lab just announced their gift with purchase for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday:

Open of yourselves, you doors, for mightly Ploutos will enter in: golden amber and smoky oudh with honey, patchouli, and leather.

Yes, that's worth placing an order for. Was debating about sending my wish list to Jason or his mom, then remembered I've got $7 left on the gift certificate she got me for...Christmas, my birthday? Anyways. Would love to get Edith Cushing, but it's still out of stock due to component issues. The current plan is to wait to see if the Yules go up. If not, I'm gonna get a bottle of Aelian's Phoenix. That's my favorite out of those, and they're cheaper than the Crimson Peak and Palmyra. I do like the frankincense and caramlized myrrh one, but I think I'll have better luck with the multiple notes. Also, I think I had...Penitence, maybe, all incense, and eventually rehomed it.

Didn't even try to write today. Tomorrow will be busy with cooking, so we'll see how it goes.


I know, I'm trying to decide if there's one of the anniversaries I really want - there were like four I thought were good.
Are you getting decants of them? Did you snag any CPs?
I'm waiting to see if the one person I prefer to get decants off of puts up a circle, if not I see the back up one just posted. Or I may splurge and grab a bottle of my favorite phoenix at this point... For some reason I didn't see the Weenie circle (she didn't seem to post on a general filter) and took a stab at a couple of bottles and have been happy that way. We shall see. Still waiting on my Yule decants, though, which is annoying.
Since I'm not doing Sea World in January, that just opened up a whole ton of money. I'm gonna see what Spinal has leftover, and still get something to get Ploutus.

You're still waiting on you Yules? Did you mean something else?
Ah, meant Crimson Peak. So many to keep track of this year....

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