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Pretty smellies part III

So, not doing Sea World, which frees up some money. And then the echocardiogram/Holter monitor bill came. :P Thank goodness for insurance. But I can put it on the credit card and worry about it after my "thanks for being healthy" insurance check comes in.

I did splurge and picked up some decant leftovers: 13, Palmyra, Black Silk, Clemet, and Phil. So still planning on getting a bottle of Aelian on Monday unless something better comes along.

Reviews from today:

Dead Leaves, Honey, and Oudh: Same dl note, but immediately the honey and oudh take over. Honey is hit or miss with me; luckily, it's not very strong here.

Dead Leaves, Red Musk, and Neroli: Very little dl. Mostly a sweet, but not foody, red musk. Really nice, but I like my musks a little more interesting. Gave it to the husband, who's wearing it now.

En Garde: Rum-flavored candies, caramel, pirate tobacco, sugar cane, and vanilla beans.  When oh when will I learn to leave the foody scents alone?! I don't want to smell like them! Why did I get a full imp of this? Strong sweet caramel, with sweet rum on dry down. Gave it to the husband, who doesn't want it either, so looking to rehome.

A Holy Man Advises a Woman to Invoke Mary Against a Devil: White musk, tobacco flower, white tea, Tunisian neroli, and blonde leather. On first sniff, wow, this is bright white! Very much encompasses the artwork/theme/idea. Could see this being "Holy" for those putting together FFVII scents. It's the white tea that comes out at first, and almost something citrus like, without the actual fruit. On dry down it's white musk and leather, and yes, it's blonde leather.



March 2017

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