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Lick It

Ugh, the Trading Post put a selection of Pie scents up tonight. Reminding myself that foody scents do not work on me.

Actually had the computer turned off and remembered posting. :P

Got my reading on participation and community based conservation so I can now write about it. And then frantically clean the apartment. Got a load of laundry and dishes done tonight, so there's that. Also need to make Christmas lists, buy Christmas presents, get the tree up....


*sighs* Do you have to follow Spinal now or something? I noticed that she posted for the pie circle but didn't see her for the anniversary one - and noticed that there's been other circles of hers I've missed (like the Weenie one). It's been rare lately that I like something enough to get a bottle so guess it saves me money, but....
I started following her a couple months ago; I realized that was the only reason I was checking Sin&Salvation, and I wasn't doing that as often due to school, and didn't want to miss out. I heard about the pies on her FB group (I can add you if you want; so far just chatter and a shipping update).

I'll let you know when I've tested all my Liliths/Weenies/etc to see if there's anything you want. So far it's just En Garde. Well, there was more I didn't care for, but Jason got the rest.

Ugh, I ordered Aelian last night to get Ploutus and tonight I get an email saying that both Thomas and Edith are back in stock. I *really* want Edith. Oh well. My gift card ended up only paying for shipping, so there's $7 saved.

Still no Yules....
I don't have FB, but I friended her on LJ. We shall see.

Put in some Yules for her, weird that she posted it so early, hope I can get them from her but if not, have a backup. Not that there's many this year, I'm not a big fan of coconut, tuberose or anise...
Happy Birthday!! :D Hope it's awesome!

Yeah, I got off easy. I don't care for any of those notes either. Now Winter Nights Enlarge, Paysage, Snow White, Glug, and The Snow at Midnight.
Thank you very much! So far, a good day.
I've got the following available from Liliths/Weenies. Did you want any?

En Garde
Muddy Puddle (1/2 imp)
Second Spring
The Worst Pillow (1/2 imp)
Hmm, if you're not using them I'll try them. Is your address the same? I'm about to ship out stuff. (Sorry, this got buried in other stuff)
Yep, I'm still the same. The one I have saved for you is from two years ago. Is that still the same? And, thank you! :D
Yep, it's still the same!
Hey, since Spinal isn't doing Lupers, who is your other person?
Bookadbroomstick or something like that...

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